16 February 2008

Pictures of the "Kids"

29 May 2007

Charlie gets a new sister, Candi

Charlie is getter bigger and is also looking for some one to play with.

He now has a little sister, Candi

Candi is so small now.

Playing with Charlie is a lot of work.

Nap time!

Charlie will chew on a stick until Candi's nap is over.

19 March 2007

Charlie's busy day

Visitors! Time for a belly rub.

Do I look like a guard dog?

Snack time.

Charlie!!! Not on the carpet!

Is he still mad at me about the carpet problem?

Time for a hug.

07 March 2007

Young Charlie's new home

Young Charlie is a little tired and sore after today's
visit to the vet where he got his shots.

Magnum stopped by to welcome Charlie to the neighborhood.

Charlie finds a nice comfortable place to relax and
settle in.